The Magnus Mall
Location Gulberg
Area 27 Kanal
Floors 26
Installment 59
Completion Time 5 Years
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The Magnus Mall

The Magnus Mall is one of the many new and upcoming projects undertaken by Ovaisco Builders. Soon to be one of the landmarks that define Gulberg Greens, the Magnus Mall serves as a skyscraper that consists of 26 floors that are a combination of hotels, restaurants, cinema, fun city, gym, car parks as well as corporate offices. One of the many factors that give the Magnus Mall its alluring appeal is the location that helps it become more of a Social Hub inside Gulberg Greens than just another building.

The Magnus Mall offers various leisure amenities to its residents and day to day visitors. The Magnus Mall is equipped with a fully functional gym packed with all kinds of exercise machines and equipment to help you get into shape. It also offers a high-end cinema service as well as its own mini indoor amusement park in the form of Fun City, you can find all the elements of a great amusement park including roller coasters and games, indoors.


Payment Plan
Installment Year 3 Years
Booking percentage 30%
Installment Year 3 Years
Booking percentage 30%

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